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 This Month's Celebrated Composer


 Clara Wieck Schumann

September 13th



Recent New York Times article about Clara Wieck Schumann

  in honor of her 200th birthday with more musical examples



This is a day of Singing

If you Love Because of Beauty 

Translation from German to English:

If you love for beauty, oh, do not love me!

Love the sun, she has golden hair!

If you love for youth, oh, do not love me!

Love the spring, it is young every year!

If you love for treasure, oh, do not love me!

Love the mermaid, she has many clear pearls!

If you love for love, oh, do love me!

love me ever, I'll love you evermore!


Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann  



A great book to learn more about Robert and Clara's relationship:

Longing by J.D. Landis


Longing tells the story of the greatest artistic couple in history, Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck. They met when she was eight years old and he was seventeen, drawn together first by music and then by their passion for each other. Drawing on their letters and remarkably frank journals, J. D. Landis writes of Clara and Robert’s enforced separations, their marriage, their artistic triumphs and failures, and finally their shared devotion to, and love for, a young genius (Johannes Brahms) who both came between them and brought them together for the last time.





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