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Piano Instruction


This month's featured performers:

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Happy Spring

Anna S. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Penelope B. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Duet

Kiran A. Tomorrow Duet

Maddie A. Tomorrow

Max S.Somewhere Over the Rainbow Duet

Sofia S. Tiptoe Thru the Tulips Duet

Max S. Vivaldi's Spring Theme

Samantha K. Here Comes the Sun

Victoria M. Tiptoe Thru the Tulips Duet

Nate S. Vivaldi's Spring Theme Duet

Walter H. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Duet

Arielle B. Vivaldi's Spring Theme

Archer C. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Duet

Sophie B. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Sebastian S. Tomorrow Duet

Florence H. Morning Has Broken

Angelique L. Here Comes the Sun

Kiran S., Harp Vivaldi's Spring Theme

Lana R. Morning Has Broken

Chloe W. Here Comes the Sun

Sophie B. To a Wild Rose

Debra W., Harp  Vivaldi's Spring Theme-3rd Movement











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Debra Whitman has been a private piano instructor, teaching artist and professional harpist in Westchester County, NY for over 20 years. She teaches weekly lessons to children and adults in her Larchmont, NY home studio.
Ms.Whitman’s teaching method encourages students to learn notes and counting by practicing music they find enjoyable. Early on, children will perform duets and play familiar melodies. As students progress, technique and music theory are introduced.
Since every student’s musical preference is different, Ms. Whitman teaches classical piano repertoire as well as Jazz and other pop musical styles.
An end of the year recital gives all of the students an opportunity to perform for their friends, families and other students.



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