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 June 5th 2022

Scarsdale Woman's Club



Front Row L to R-Sophie B. Chloe W.,Kyle W., Noah S., Max S., Max S., Sofia S

Back Row L to R- Peter C., Matthew C., Darya S., Gabby C., Lana R., Max S., Nate S., Dylan B.,                                              Debra Whitman


Front Row L to R- Penelope B., Brooke S., Victoria E., Arlynn L., Liyana A., Vivi L., Archer C., Kiran A., Maddie A., Eli G.

Back Row L to R- Arielle B., Angelique L., Lesley L., Linnea B., Sophie B., Kiran S., Ellie A.,                                                        Debra Whitman


10:30AM Performers 12:30PM Performers
Chloe W. Aeolian Harp, Tequila Angelique L. Canon Variations, Fiesta Alegre!
Walter H. Under Starry Skies, Masterpiece Theme Archer C. Evening Concerto 1, What Makes You Beautiful
Noah S. Wee Little Waltz, Rainbow Connection
Penelope B. Spirit of the Stallion, Beauty and Beast
Gabby C. Ivan Sings, Georgia Arlynn L. The Lonely Dolphin, Rocking Robin
Nate S. Meditation, Desert Dance Lesley L. Loonlight
Sophie B. Cry of Lone Wolf, Rock Around the Clock Arielle B. Moonlight, Wipe Out
Darya S. Nocturne Kiran A. Willow Tree Waltz, Play it Cool
Sofia S. The Old Carousel, Hedwig's Theme Eli G. Nocturne Theme, The Entertainer
Kyle W. Swaying Silver Birches, Sugarfoot Rag Vivi L. Cool Cat Strut, Yesterday
Matthew C. Flamenco Jazz, Batman Theme Brooke S. Princess and Pirates, Home on the Range
Dylan B. Mischievous Monkeys, Here Comes Sun Maddie A. Secret Agent Boogie, Lion Sleeps Tonight
Max S. Making Mischief, Angel of Music Liyana A. After the Rain, Over ther Rainbow
Max S. First WInter's Snow, James Bond Theme Ellie A. Prelude in E Minor, Somebody I Used to Know
Peter C. Lean on Me, Dune Buggy Kiran S. Lullaby Gift, The Fifers
Max S. Motion Machine, America Victoria E. Too Cool, Masked Rider
Lana R. Waltz in A Minor, Bach Bourree Theme Linnea B. The Swan Theme, Sloppy Joe
Debra Whitman, Fire Dance Sophie B. Nocutrne in E Flat, In Spainland
  Debra Whitman, Fire Dance


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