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June 6th 2021

Playing Together-Livestream



Top Row: Kiran S., Harp, There Once Was a Sad Tale, El Numero Uno, Debra W., Walter H., Lonely Dolphin, Puff the Magic Dragon (duet), Florence H., On Broadway, Rhapsodie Bottom Row: Peter C., Making Mischief, Mexican Clapping Song, Matthew C., Sudden Storm, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Anna S., Part of Your World, Cool Cat Strut, Linnea B. Misty, Motion Machine




Top Row: Angelique L. Nocturne, Dune Buggy, Debra W., Archer C., Peasant Dance, James Bond Theme Middle Row: Vivian L., Day Dreams, This Land is Your Land, Sophie B., Pony Go Round, Rockin' Robin, Max S. Under Starry Skies, When the Saints Go Marching In, Bottom Row: Victoria E., Alouette (duet), Snake Dance (duet) Arielle B., Cry of the Lone Wolf, Silly Stuttin', Penelope B., Princess and the Pirates, Rainbow Connection



Top Row: Sebastian S., Drifting, Loco-Motion, Lydia S., The Swan Theme, Debra W., Gabby C., Spinning Song Middle Row: Ellie A., All Things You Are, J.D.'s Boogie Woogie, Vivian K., Scarborough Fair, The Wild Horseman, Samantha K., Minuet in G Major, Black and White, Lana R., Lazy Afternoon, Phantom of the Opera Theme, Bottom Row: Sebastian G., Ivan Sings, Oop Bop Sh'Bam




Top Row: Maddie A., Do-Re-Mi, Waltz Form Coppelia, Kiran A., Angel of Music, Through the Woods, Debra W., Gabriel R., House of the Rising Sun, Bottom Row: Max S., Lion Sleeps Tonight, Saturday Surfers, Sofia S., Feather in the Breeze, Home on the Range, Paige T., Autumn Sketch, Lean on Me, Liyana A., Dragon's Breath, Rock Around the Clock


Make up recital 6/21/21


Chloe W. Canon, March of the Astronauts, Debra W. Max S. Secret Agent Boogie, Evening Concerto  #1, Nate S. Thundering Drums, The Entertainer, Griffen H. Down by the Riverside, Lost Star, Maeve H. The Rainbow Song, Ninth Symphony Theme, NOT PICTURED: Sophie B. Sonata Pathetique-2nd Movement


 Debra Whitman-Flower Duet Theme from Lakme



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