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 June 4th 2023

Scarsdale Woman's Club




Back Row: Matthew C., Matthew C., Eli G., Chloe W., Ridge J., Max S., Nate S.

Front Row: Mihika R., Nina G., Audrey S., Kaya A., Kyle W., Sarah B., Walter H., Noah S.



Back Row: Linnea B., Max S., Reilly W., Dylan B., Lana R., Kiran S., Jacob G.

Front Row: Victoria E., Arlynn L., Brooke S., Arielle B.,    Penelope B., Sofia S., Angelique L., Liyana A.


 Click on titles to listen

10:30AM Performers 12:30PM Performers
 Max S. Minuet in G Major, The Pink Panther  Angelique L. The Sick Doll, Sloppy Joe
 Nina G. Spirit of the Stallion, It's a Small World  Penelope B. Monument Valley, Play it Cool
 Peter C. Evening Concerto #1, Tequila  Max S. By Starlight, Wipe Out
 Mihika R. The Lonely Dolphin, Somewhere of Rainbow  Brooke S. Yesterday, Sudden Storm
 Walter H. Flamenco Jazz, The Entertainer  Reilly W. First Winter's Snow, When the Saints
 Kaya A. The Lonesome Pine, Rock Around the Clock  Arlynn L. Peasant Dance, Watermelon Man
 Hannah T. The Princess and  Pirates, I'd Like to Teach  Lana R. Fountain of Diana, On Broadway
 Kyle W. A Wee Little Waltz, James Bond Theme  Jacob G. Pony Go Round, Do-Re-Mi
 Audrey S. Day Dreams, Hedwigs Theme  Sofia S. Little Cloud, Cool Cat Strut
 Matthew C. Loco-Motive, New York, NY  Arielle B. Meditation, Batman Theme
 Noah S. Making Mischief, Lion Sleeps Tonight  Liyana A. Too Cool, Lean on Me
 Sophie B. Saturday Surfers, Part of Your World  Dylan B. Masquerade Ball, Mission Impossible
 Eli G. Sonatina in G Major, House of Rising Sun  Kiran S. Harp, Scarborough Fair, Two Guitars
 Ridge J. The Doll's Burial, Motion Machine  Victoria E. Nocturne, Rockin' Caravan
 Nate S. Bad Way to Start Day, Fiesta Alegre!  Linnea B. Love Somebody, Siciliano (piano/harp)
 Chloe W. Festive Piece, Les Pins De Charlannes (piano/harp)  Debra Whitman Harp, Vanille
Debra Whitman Harp,  Vanille  




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