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Related Links

The following is a collection of links related to classical music instruction and appreciation. (Links open in a new browser window)

WFUV 90.7

A great radio station that plays exciting, interesting and cutting edge music.

Cincinnati Public Radio

A fun way to learn music appreciation.

Classical Magic

A wonderful source for learning and enjoying classical music's greatest.

Nancy and Randall Faber music books

The publishing company of many interesting teaching methods. The Faber and Faber books are loved by students of all ages.

Kirkor Consulting

This site's web designer. Highly recommended for all of your cyberspace travel!

Pamela Sklar, flutist

A great flutist and good friend.


These links are provided as a resource for further exploration and are in no way affiliated with Debra Whitman and PlayTime Music. The validitiy of the links can not be guaranteed and are to be used at your own risk. Enjoy!