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Past Recitals

June 5th 2016

Scarsdale Woman's Club

10:30 Performers

First Row: Linnea B., Daniela B., Natalie L., Ava S., Lily F., Natalie D., Sarah L.

Second Row: Miranda B., Virginia M., Chloe P., Margot L., Sukie W., Grace F., Leyla S.

Back Row: Teacher, Debra Whitman, Camryn C., JP E.

12:30 Performers

First Row: Joe R., Lily A., Melana T., Henry R., Jane R., Samantha S., Molly S.

Second Row: Ben M., Florence H., Jane R., Katelyn T., Sophie B., Leela D., Hudson H., Una G., Thomas D., Sofia D.

Back Row: Teacher Debra Whitman, Tess L., Mary F.

10:30AM Recital 12:30PM Recital

Natalie L. Classic Sonatina, Fiesta Alegre!

Jaya C. The Masterpiece Theme, Dune Buggy

Gabriel F. Moonlight, James Bond Theme

Linnea B. Waltz of the Toys, Rock Around the Clock

Miranda B. Waltz from Coppelia, The Entertainer

Daniela B. Ninth Symphony Theme, Star Wars

Natalie D. Making Mischief, Beauty and the Beast

Lily F. When the Saints Go Marching In, Puff the Magic Dragon

Ava S. The Wild Horseman, On Broadway

Sarah L. Pachelbel's Canon Theme, Rockin' Caravan

Sukie W. Caravan, Sloppy Joe

Katie L. Nocturne, The Pink Panther

Chloe P. Solfeggietto, Georgia

JP E. Tequila

Grace F. Evening Concerto #1, New York, NY

Virginia M. Arabesque, Scarborough Fair

Camryn C. Sonatina in C, Untitled

Margot L. Chopin's Nocturne Theme, Home

Leyla S. Prelude op.20 no.3, Arioso (piano/harp duet)

Debra Whitman Take 5


Katelyn T. Aeolian Harp, House of the Rising Sun

Lila A. Day Dreams, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

Joe R. Thanksgiving Hymn

Tess L. Moolight Sonata-1st Movement

Henry R. Sugar Cookies

Malena T. The Lonely Dolphin, The Rainbow Connection

Una G. Peasant Dance, Part of Your World

Ben M. Swaying Silver Birches, This Land is Your Land

Molly S. Desert Dance, Angel of Music

Jane H. Princess and the Pirates, Yesterday

Florence H. Willow Tree Waltz, Play it Cool

Jane R. Through the Woods, Rockin' Robin

Samantha S. Wipe Out

Sofia D. Arietta in A, Linus and Lucy

Thomas D. First Winter's Snow, Batman Theme

Leela D. A Whole New World, Main Street Rag

Hudson H. Moonlight Mood, J.D.'s Boogie

Mary F. Prelude in E Minor, Hallelujah

Sophie B. By a Blue Lagoon, Bourree (piano/harp duet)

Debra Whitman Take 5



May 31st 2015
Scarsdale Woman's Club

10:30 performers


Back Row: Debra W., Chloe P., Claire H., Jessica O., Nina K., Grace F., Sofia D., Hudson H. 

  Front Row: Molly S., Ava S., Samantha S., Lily F., Thomas D., Katie L.  

 (Not pictured:  Henry R., Will M., Leyla S.)


12:30 performers

Back Row: Debra W., Carden O., Tess L., Virginia M., Mary F., Leela D., Sophie B.

Front Row: Daniela B., Gabriel F., Florence H., Natalie L., Anna B.,

Katelyn T., Una G., Sarah L., Sukie W., Margot L.

(Not pictured: Jaya C., Camryn C.)


Due to technical difficulties, only the 10:30AM recital is recorded live-


the 12:30PM performers were recorded live in the "studio"

10:30AM Recital 12:30PM Recital

Claire H. Through the Woods, Joplin's Entertainer

Henry R. German Dance, Rusty Rag

Lily F. Pony Go Round, Rock Around the Clock

Thomas D. Ninth Symphony Theme, Take me out to the Ball Game

Nina K. House of the Rising Son, Fiesta Alegre!

Will M. "Moonlight" Sonata

Samantha S. Rockin' Robin, Peasant Dance

Ava S. Pachelbel's Canon, Blank Space

Katie L. Moonlight, Wipe Out

Molly S. The Rainbow Connection, Waltz  from Coppelia

Grace F. Nocturne, Dune Buggy

Sofia D. Festive Piece, On Broadway

Leyla S. Solfeggietto, Lean on Me

Jessica O. Tokyo Twilight, New York, NY

Hudson H. Ivan Sings, Love Somebody

Chloe P. Arabesque Bourree from harp/piano

 Debra Whitman Toccata





Natalie L. March of the Wee Folk, Ninth Symphony Theme

Margot L. Aeolian Harp, Beauty and the Beast

Gabriel F. This Land is Your Land, Lonely Dolphin

Anna B. Princess and the Pirates, Part of Your World

Florence H. Yesterday, Masked Rider

Daniela B. Puff the Magic Dragon, Day Dreams

Una G. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, Swaying Silver Birches

Leela D. March of the Astronauts, Swing Low Sweet Chariot  Duet with:

Sophie B. Sonatina in G, Swing Low Sweet Chariot,

Jaya C. Angel's Serenade, Over the Rainbow

Sukie W. Evening Concerto, A Whole New World

Sarah L. Good Cheer, The Pink Panther

Camryn C. Falling Slowly

Carden O. Scarborough Fair, Rockin' Caravan

Virginia M. Willow Tree Waltz, Home (with Tess L.)

Katelyn T. Chopin's Nocturne, Everybody Loves Saturday Night

Tess L. Song of the Lark, Moon Dance

Mary F. Solfeggietto, Les Pins de Charlannes for harp/piano





June 8th 2014


10:30 performers

Back Row: Debra, Abby O., Jessica O., Nina K., Katie S., Ben M

Front Row: Aubrey J., Leyla S., Chloe P., Sarah L., Sukie W., Natalie L., Tessa G., Ava S., Daniel U., William M.


12:30 performers

Back Row: Debra, Kairi S., Molly C., Mary F., Charlotte R.,

Front Row: Walker O., Henry R., Carden O., Hannah R., Claire H., Katelyn T., Sophie B., Jaya C.,

Camryn C., Tess L. Virginia M., Hudson H.


Debra and her Seniors

Kairi S., Debra, Molly C., Charlotte R.



10:30AM Recital 12:30PM Recital

Abby O. Also Sprach Zarathustra, Black and White

Tessa G. Yesterday, Dune Buggy

Sofia D. Willow Tree Waltz, March of the Astronauts

Sukie W. Desert Dance, Lean on Me

Natalie L. Swaying Silver Birches, Princess and the Pirates

Ben M. Prelude Op. 28 No .20, Lady Bird

Ava S. Pastels,   Fat Cat Boogie

Daniel U. Masterpiece Theater, Joplin's Entertainer

Katie S.Caravan, Mission Impossible

Aubrey J.Ave Maria, Rockin' Caravan

Nina K. Angel of Music, Peasant Dance

Sarah L.Moonlight, Lion Sleeps Tonight

Chloe P. Minute in G Minor, Pink Panther

William M. Ode to Joy, James Bond Theme

Leyla S.Harmony of the Angels, Tuxedo Junction

Jessica O. Aeolian Harp, Les Pins de Charlannes (harp/piano duet)

Debra W.  Chanson de la Nuit                                     


Tess L. By a Blue Lagoon, Jamaica Farewell

Katelyn T. Part of Your World, Fiesta Alegre

Claire H. Lonely Dolphin, Rockin' Robin

Charlotte R. Sonata Pathetique op. 13 (2nd movement)

Walker O. Around the Totem Pole, Star Wars Theme

Jaya C. Day Dreams, Rock Around the Clock (duet)

Leela D. Tequila, Eine Kleine Nacthmusik duet

Sophie B. Eine Kleine Nactmusik duet, Kiddin' on the Keys

Kairi S. Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No. 15-Raindrop

Virginia M.Beauty and the Beast, Everybody Loves Saturday Night

Hannah R. DriftingWipe Out

Henry R.Sloppy Joe, Soular Bear

Carden O. Fur Elise Theme, Secret Agent

Mary F. Hey Soul Sister, The Wild Horseman

Hudson H. Arietta in A, On Broadway

Camry C.  Bouree (piano and harp)Say Something

Molly C. Sonata Pathetique op. 13 (1st Movement)

Debra W. My Student's Summer Wind

 A tribute to "my three seniors"

It's been a pleasure watching you become musicians

Debra W. My Student's Summer Wind



Recital June 9th 2013

Congratulations to all of the wonderful performers. I feel proud...

10:30 performers

 12:30 performers


10:30AM Recital 12:30PM Recital

Taylan S. Chopin Prelude No.15 "Raindrop"

Abby O. March of the Astronauts, Rock Concert

Tessa G. Part of Your World, Masked Rider duet

Jordan D. Angel of Music, Angel of Music

Katelyn T. Sugar Cookies, Pony Go Round

Sukie W. Knock, Knock, Knock, Yesterday

Daniel U. When the Saints March In, Batman Theme

Sarah L. Through the Woods, La Bamba duet

Carden O. Masterpiece, James Bond Theme

Hannah R. Day Dreams, Rockin' Robin duet

Margot L. Princess and Pirates, Rainbow Connection

Cece S. Nocturne, Joplin's Entertainer

Ava S. Polovetzian Dance, Tomorrow from "Annie"

Katie S. Desert Dance, Black and White

Christina L.Can You Feel Love Tonight, Tequila

Leyla S. Tokyo Twilight, Ain't Misbehavin'

Jessica O. Phantom of Opera, Melted Ice Cream Blues

Cosima B.New York State of Mind

Chloe P. Evening Concerto No.1, Tuxedo Junction

Will M. Song of the Lark, Les Pins de Charlannes duet



Abigail O.  Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight"

Leela D. Somethin' Spicy, Wipe Out

Sofia D. Peasant Dance, Scarborough Fair

William M. Lonely Dolphin, Hedwig's Theme

Brennan H. Drifting, Lion Sleeps Tonight

Kairi S. Chopin Prelude in C Minor No.20

Hudson H. Saint Saens' Swan, You've got a Friend

Camryn C. Motion Machine,Hallelujah

Nina K. Beethoven's Ode to Joy, Loves Saturday Night

Virginia M. America, Turkey in the Straw

Tess L. Magnificent Monarch, Rockin' Caravan

Emily R. Spinning Song, Pinke Panther Theme

Price M. Music Box Dancer

Lily K. Pachelbel's Canon, Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag

Olivia M. Beethoven's Sonatina in G Major

Charlotte R. Chopin Prelude in E Minor, Lady Bird

Mary F. Toccatina, On Broadway

Molly C. Chopin Nocturne op.72. no.1

Ben M. Bach Prelude in C Major, Boogie for Two

Henry R. Jig, Valse Isabelle duet



Piano Teacher, Debra Whitman closing the recitals with "Somwhere in Time."